Incident Forms

Online Incident Forms

The Office of the Associate Dean of Students serves many functions for Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, including, but not limited to, responding to incidents of concern. Below are a variety of forms which may be submitted to the office for possible action. A brief description of each form and its purpose is included below. Please note that forms are only received and reviewed during regular business hours. If you have an emergency, or an immediate concern for safety, please contact the University Police Department at 361-825-4444. 


I-CARE Referral Form

If you are concerned about a student in distress who is exhibiting distressed, and/or high risk behaviors you can refer them to I-CARE by submitting the online referral form. A referral to I-CARE does not mean that a student is in trouble. Some examples of students who might benefit from I-CARE support are those struggling with homelessness or food insecurity, a medical challenge, sadness, depression, suicidal thoughts or actions or other mental health challenges. For consultation regarding a student in distress please contact the I-CARE Case Manager, at 361-825-5575.  Additional information regarding the I-CARE process can be found online at

Student Behavioral Conduct Reporting Form 

Any member of the campus community may file an incident report regarding allegations of alleged misconduct by a University student. Allegations may be academic or behavioral in nature. For example, underage alcohol use on campus, harassment or plagiarism can all be reported via this form. A list of prohibited behaviors may be found online in Article III of the Student Code of Conduct. Additional information regarding the student conduct process, the student sexual misconduct process and the academic misconduct process can be found online at

Student Academic Misconduct Reporting Form

When reporting incidents of academic misconduct faculty members need to complete the Academic Misconduct Incident Form and then submit an online incident report to upload the academic misconduct incident form. Student Conduct & Community Standards has also provided a how to report an incident of academic misconduct guide, an academic misconduct checklist and frequently asked questions documents to assist in making the reporting process easier. Additional details regarding the handling of academic misconduct cases can be found within the University Procedure for Student Academic Misconduct Cases, 13.02.99.C0.04. In addition, this flow chart provides a visual explanation of the overall process.

Associate Dean of Students Request for Assistance Form

Any student who has questions beyond Student Conduct and I-CARE or has any other need that the Associate Dean of Students may be able to assist with, can submit this form. Some examples may include, but are not limited to: absences due to extenuating circumstances, academic concerns, homelessness, victim resources, etc. Completed forms are emailed to the Associate Dean and someone from the office will be in contact with you as soon as possible.