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History of the Islander Pledge

In 2012, staff in what is now known as the Office of the Associate Dean of Students had noticed an increase in incidents with students concerning civility.  Consequently, discussions began about updating the University civility statement.  In the research process for this, the Office of the Associate Dean of Students staff discovered a national movement of University statements, that went beyond traditional civility statements.  These new statements were pledges, focused on instilling student, faculty, and staff pride about what it meant to be a member of a university community.

The staff of the Office of the Associate Dean of Students believed that a pledge for students, faculty, and staff for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi would be beneficial in promoting civility, University pride, and creating a shared meaning for all Islanders.  As a result, a committee was formed with a goal to develop a pledge that would capture what it means to be an Islander.  The 10-person committee had representation from Housing, Student Activities, faculty, staff, and students.  The committee worked tirelessly on this effort for an entire year.  Finally, the committee had a statement they felt comfortable with, which was sent to University administration, where after some revision was approved. 

Today, the Islander Pledge plays an integral role in major events on-campus, as well as in everyday life at the University.  Currently, the Pledge is recited by first-year students at University Convocation, as well as at meetings of the Student Government Association.  Additionally, the Pledge is discussed during new student orientation and is emphasized through programming initiatives and the student conduct process in Office of the Associate Dean of Students.  The Pledge even appears on the wall of the first floor of the University Center.  

It is easy to see that the Pledge is an integral part of campus life at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.  There are still a number of goals in place for the Pledge, such as having the Pledge recited at graduation, displaying a copy of the Pledge in every classroom, as well as an Islander Pledge Week dedicated to Pledge initiatives.  If you have questions about the Pledge, or would like to assist with Pledge initiatives, please contact the Office of the Associate Dean of Students at 361.825.6219.